Training & Education

Training and education resources on everything restoration-related from A to Z.

Air Movement Capacity

Let’s set the stage. Imagine yourself in a home or business after a water loss. We have developed the heating elements, now we want to establish airflow (i.e., volume, velocity),

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The Value of Being a Certified Restorer

The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is considered the premiere location for certifications within the restoration and remediation industry. It holds four pillar programs that help a restorer stand apart as

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The ABCs of PPE

Restoration professionals rely on personal protective equipment (PPE) almost every single day to protect themselves from microbial issues such as mold, bacteria, and the spread of germs and other infectious

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A Fundamental Partnership

The work performed for cleaning, inspection, and restoration should not be taken lightly. There are specific skills you must learn to return to normalcy in chaotic environments while protecting the

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