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Selling Your Service

I don’t sell a product. I sell coaching and training, or in other words, a service. And while you as a restoration company may provide products such as drywall, paint,

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The Real Purpose of the ERP

My first experience with an emergency response plan was when I was VP of sales at an independent restorer in Oregon. I cold-called a religious private school and managed to

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Why Should They Call You?

There are so many choices for the consumer that when they need restoration services, the options are seemingly unlimited. To test this, I recently did a count in seven different

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Build a Compelling Brand

How to Create a Meaningful Message About Everyone Else’s Noise Super Bowl ads are just that—the Super Bowl of marketing, and as a marketing professional, I look forward to watching

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The Restoring Christmas Toy Drive

For the seventh year in a row, Excel Supplies spearheaded the Restoring Christmas Toy Drive benefitting The Children’s Network of SWFL. This year, the toy drive helped spread Christmas cheer

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The Art of Restoration Sales

Sales in restoration is unique. It takes a unique mix of consultative sales, empathy, and innovation. In this episode of the Restoration Today podcast, BluSky Chief Sales Officer Dan Flanagan

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