Insurance & Legal Matters

Experts on insurance and legal matters in the restoration and remediation industries offer advice and guidance for legal issues facing your company, and liability insurance questions you may have.

Dear David: What is Subrogation?

Dear David, As a restoration contractor, I strive to give my customers excellent service. I receive satisfaction by putting my customers’ property and their lives back to normal. I usually

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How to NOT Get Roasted in a Deposition

When a property repair project becomes adversarial, as it often does, restorers may find themselves under the bright glare of scrutiny in the grueling litigation process known as discovery. Discovery

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Assume the Risk or Push it Down

The environmental insurance landscape for restoration contractors is constantly evolving. Whether carriers are updating policy forms, increasing rates, becoming more restrictive, or in­creasing underwriting standards, the one thing that is

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Advocating for the Restoration Industry

How Restoration Contractors are Successfully Using the RIA’s Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA) Position Statements and TPA Surveys To Get Paid Fairly For Their Work. The restoration industry is incredibly

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