Managing Your Business

C&R is here to be an irreplaceable resource for restoration and remediation company owners. Within these topics, you will find answers to many of your ownership, leadership, and management questions.

Are Your Profits Being Stolen?

Throughout my career as a restoration contractor, I have seen literally dozens of multimillion-dollar restoration companies come and go. Most didn’t close their doors by choice but were forced to

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people comforting each other

Angels in the Architecture

Think about the energy you enjoy when the phone rings and the voice on the other end refers you to a loss that you’re needed on right away. Maybe it

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Second in Command, First in Line

Branch manager, general manager, operations manager, director, vice president of this, assistant of that. These are all titles synonymous with being the second in command of an organization. They are

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Commentary: Breathing New Life into C&R

Mark Springer President, Restoration Industry Association President, Dayspring Construction In this digital age, everything seems to be subject to constant change. Some of this change is a good thing. Gained

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