Managing Your Business

C&R is here to be an irreplaceable resource for restoration and remediation company owners. Within these topics, you will find answers to many of your ownership, leadership, and management questions.

Family Circle: The Owned + Operated Journey

Traditionally, ours was an industry of small, family-owned businesses. Family was practically synonymous with the restoration industry for decades. That’s beginning to change as our industry consolidates and more family-owned

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Frankensteining, also known as cannibalising, is my favorite part of my job. Personally I prefer using the former name because I think it describes better what I do. The industry’s

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Climbing the Right Mountain

Like many leaders I can be described as driven, relentless, aggressive, determined, focused, and other common traits of “type A” personalities. Have you ever considered how these traits may be

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Professional Employer Organization

Small business owners in the service industries aren’t immune to today’s hiring challenges. Despite the shortage of qualified labor in the marketplace, you are looking for candidates to fill your

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