Managing Your Business

C&R is here to be an irreplaceable resource for restoration and remediation company owners. Within these topics, you will find answers to many of your ownership, leadership, and management questions.

The 3 Phases of Documentation

When it comes to running a successful restoration business, taking unnecessary risks can lead to devastating consequences. In fact, it’s like playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette where one

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Vulnerable Leaders

Vulnerability is not a natural and easy emotion for most leaders. In fact, being vulnerable can be intimidating and is considered to have uncertain results. This is especially true in

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Lethal Dose

The other day I took a call from a customer who really needed my help; her son had been killed due to an overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl. The

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Modal Auxiliary Verbs

As we read the ANSI/IICRC Standards of Care we should not fail to notice there are two distinct sets of definitions. The first set of definitions provided for the end-user

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