Drying Zone

Everything you need to know about structural drying – from equipment usage and tools to industry standards guidance and more.

Air Movement Capacity

Let’s set the stage. Imagine yourself in a home or business after a water loss. We have developed the heating elements, now we want to establish airflow (i.e., volume, velocity),

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Stabilization vs Restorative Drying | The Roving Restorer

Stabilization is something that the restorer “Should” do on restoration projects that are no in a sanitary condition before restorative drying. The insurance and restoration industry doesn’t always use the right language to explain what is happening on the job site and this leads to confusion, uncertainty and conflict.

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What’s New in Water Remediation Technology

Smart technology has become prevalent, but it has had minimal influence over the restoration industry. However, Larry Carlson, national and international sales manager at Phoenix Restoration Equipment, says software systems

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