Background Checks and Credentialing Compliance

Keeping up with credentialing and background checks can feel like a full time job for busy restoration companies, especially when the company works with multiple programs and TPAs.

Despite strict compliance guidelines, a lot of contractors overlook background checks for their subcontractors, and even their own employees. The labor shortage has compounded the problem. An informal survey by C&R in October found 15% of contractors have never credentialed their subcontractors; another 21% said it is so hard to find subs, they often don’t run credentials even though they should.

It isn’t just companies doing program work who face credentialing struggles; independent companies do too.

In this episode of Restoration Today, credentialing and background check expert Ed Baldwin shares stats about how common it is for contractors to face legal trouble for improper credentialing, and tips for staying up-to-date with this big task.

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