Are You Ready for SOCKTember 2022?

The DYOJO Podcast SOCKTember is an annual competitive community involvement event (See video above). It was designed as a team-building exercise as well as a great outreach tool for local restoration contractors. Would you believe that SOCKTember started with four teams in Washington State raising over 5,500 pairs of NEW socks for local charities in 2020?

Each team leader reached out to their local vendors, clients, team, and community members to raise as many pairs of NEW socks as they could. During the shutdown, this event provided us all with something to talk about and safely interact with each other. Socks came through physical donations and via Amazon wishlists. They were counted and distributed to local charities selected by each team. As you are likely aware, NEW socks are a huge need for many local community members in need including shelters, care closets, and other outreach programs.

Join The 66 Companies That Participated In SOCKTember 2021

In 2021, we were excited to see an increase in interest by contractors and entrepreneurs across the United States as well as every office for On Side Restoration in Canada. For the second annual DYOJO SOCKTember, we grew from 4 local teams to 39 teams in 2 countries. The competition elevated intensely and combined we were able to raise over 66,000 pairs of NEW socks for local charities. The top five teams of the 2021 event were:

  • Sisters for Socks – 8,506 pairs

  • The BEST Dang Sock Raising Team in Pierce County – 8,502 pairs

  • Sock Unicorns – 5,974 pairs

  • On Side – Red Deer – 4,532 pairs

  • On Side – Edmonton – 4,520 pairs

  • Rookie of the Year – Team No Show led by Brandi Hawthorne of Office Services by Brandi – 3,503 pairs

  • Out of the Box Award – Culture Sock led by Elan Pasmanick of Born to Repair – 386 pairs + 1,030 pairs of new children’s shoes

Reach out to Jon Isaacson, The DYOJO Podcast, if you would like to START, JOIN, or SUPPORT a local sock-raising team. Our goal is to raise OVER 100,000 pairs of NEW socks for local charities this year and we need your help. Read the prior article from C&R Magazine for more information and check out the 3rd Annual SOCKTember webpage.

To help you promote the event:

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