New Job Management Software Identishot Now Available

October 26 was the official launch date of Identishot!

A little over a year ago, unsatisfied with the solutions that are currently provided to the restoration industry, Matt Gregory took to the task of solving his immediate need for results. A little luck put him in touch with a software engineer and Stanford alumni, Max Freundlich. Max took immediate interest in the concept Matt was proposing and the two set out to create a product to revolutionize the industry: A computer vision platform that allows users to quickly generate estimates contained within a familiar and easy to to job management platform.

Identishot offers a feature rich job management platform. Adjusters can upload unlimited photos through our mobile app. Photos are stored securely within our platform, automatically sorted by room type via machine learning, and can be securely shared with third parties. Once a job is created Identishot automatically begins generating a roof report for users, with key information about a roof being immediately available. Additionally, we offer a scheduling tool that can be used to email or text reminders to job managers and clients. Checkout our full feature set here!

Identishots’ ultimate goal is to identify the key components of an insurance claim within moments of it occurring. Our custom deep learning model analyzes photos of a property, separates the rooms by category then scans the room for any potential damage. Once complete our users will be provided with the associated course of repair most often found with the images they provide.

We are actively working with restoration companies to build a system that best fits their needs. We are restoration professionals and developers who love building custom solutions to fit specific needs. We would love to hear from you about what we can build for you to make your workflow easier – please reach out to us

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