All Verisk Companies Unite Under One Name

Verisk’s insurance businesses and solutions, such as ISOAIR WorldwideSequelXactware, and ISO Claims Partners will transition away from their independent company names and become Verisk. While the company’s brand names will transition to Verisk, you will continue to see some of these names featured in the names of some of the company’s individual solutions.

In addition to the rebranding to Verisk, you will also see a new Verisk logo. The depth and breadth of the Verisk companies has grown considerably over the past decade and the brand name change is in an effort to make it easier for Verisk customers to immediately recognize and utilize the products and services Verisk provides.

While Verisk’s individual company brand names are changing, the company reinforces its rocksteady commitment to continuous innovation and the creation of customer-driven solutions that move businesses and the industry forward.

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