Albi Brings Advanced Automation to the Restoration Industry

Albiware Inc. (Albi) today announced the launch of “Albi Automates”, their new full-service automation package helping restorers alleviate the pain the current labor shortages are causing. 

“Through Albi automation, we can help the restoration industry to level up and eliminate tedious, redundant tasks that staff members have to perform, leaving them to stick with what they’re good at. As a restorer, I know that trying to build with technology can be daunting, so we have assigned a dedicated account manager that will build these automations for you!” said Alex Duta, Albiware CEO 

A few things that Albi can Automate

  • Text messages and emails sent to customers and referral sources every step of the way, increasing touch points and skyrocketing customer satisfaction. Handwritten thank-you cards sent to customers and referral sources at different job stages, adding a valuable personal touch to the customer journey. Gift cards sent to plumbers or referrers, eliminating the daunting task of running project reports. 
  • Updates to staff members with certain criteria via text message, emails, push notifications, messages on Hangouts, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. 

The opportunities of automations that can be built are endless. Albi assigns a dedicated account manager that helps restorers custom build automations to fit their businesses. 

Albi Automates has been available since 11/1/2021 to both new and existing clients. For more information, you can visit 

About Albi

Albi is a restoration job management platform built for the future by restoration contractors that helps restoration contractors produce more jobs and get paid faster.

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