AirAnswers® Launches Innovative Air Sampling and Testing System

Groundbreaking Electrokinetic Capture Technology Allows Indoor Air Quality Professionals & Homeowners to Test for Harmful Mold and Allergen Particles

AirAnswers® today announced the launch of a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind monitoring system, with a patented air sampling device and innovative testing technology. Developed together with medical and industry experts, the AirAnswers® system offers the ability to detect a wide spectrum of airborne particulate matter (bioaerosols) with a testing menu that includes allergens, molds, and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. The expansive AirAnswers® testing system gives indoor air quality professionals and their customers the ability to test for airborne molds by detecting Beta Glucan, and by identifying specific mold Genera and Mycotoxins; air contaminants other testing methods may miss. Through strategic partnerships with physicians, industrial hygienists, and a scientific advisory board, AirAnswers® is the only solution that provides airborne allergen testing to both residential and commercial consumers.

“Despite technological advancements in nearly every industry over the past decade, air quality testing has remained stagnant, with little to no innovation,” said Dr. James Koziarz Ph.D., CEO of AirAnswers®. “Air quality is something that everyone should care about, as even the smallest issue can create large-scale health challenges. Our device works at the molecular level, backed by years of research and testing. It is the only product on the market that can provide rapid results targeting a full spectrum of ultra-fine, harmful particles, providing an ideal solution for mold assessors, remediation specialists, and consumers alike.”

The AirAnswers® System uses electrokinetic capture technology to sample 150 liters of air per minute, allowing indoor air quality professionals to test their clients’ homes and businesses for potential health and property concerns by simply plugging the device in and letting it monitor the air. The minimalist appearance and silent sampling technology makes the device ideal for properties of all types and sizes. Once the sampling process is complete, the cartridge containing the captured bioaerosols is sent to the AirAnswers reference lab, where it is analyzed using qPCR and other advanced technologies.

“Identifying beta-glucans is a significant step forward in understanding the ‘big picture’ of mold cases,” said Michael Pinto, CSP, CMP, CEO of Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc. “The AirAnswers® system has proven most useful in evaluating situations where mold is a suspected contaminant, without a supporting visual or olfactory indication of a problem.”

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