Abatement Technologies Launches Two New Products in 2022

Now in it’s 36th year of operations, Abatement Technologies highlights its growth in 2022

Abatement Technologies, a manufacturer of specialized construction containment products designed to help protect those in and around construction in occupied spaces, highlights its strategic business objectives for 2022 and beyond. With two new product launches in 2022, Abatement Technologies has successfully proven its mission of being the “leaders in clean air.”

Further adding to its AIRE GUARDIAN® series, Abatement Technologies made headlines once again in June 2022 for its launch of the AIRE GUARDIAN® SHIELD CORE — a robust reusable modular wall system designed for sound attenuation to reduce construction noise and add thermal insulation in critical environments. Constructed with a durable, attractive painted aluminum shell and a closed cell foam core, the modular wall system not only provides an amazing sound barrier, but is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install as well.

“As a leader in the design and manufacturing of powerful abatement products, it is important to continue to provide solutions that reliably remove or help protect from harmful particulates and compounds. This containment system seamlessly blends into healthcare settings and provides enhanced sound attenuation and thermal insulation,” Harber said.

In 2023, Abatement Technologies plans to announce its strategic partnership with a North America-based full-service provider of rentable temporary wall containment systems for commercial renovation and abatement. Leveraging Abatement Technologies for its AIRE GUARDIAN® SHIELD CORE, the partnership will position Abatement Technologies as the preferred vendor of modular containment wall systems across all of the company’s locations.

For more information about Abatement Technologies solutions, visit www.abatement.com.

About Abatement Technologies

Abatement Technologies is a leading manufacturer of HEPA-based air filtration and construction containment equipment for critical environments such as healthcare facilities, asbestos abatement and disaster restoration sites. Abatement Technologies also manufactures rapid deployment patient isolation equipment designed to convert standard patient rooms into isolation rooms for patients with airborne illnesses. The company currently has 12 sites across Canada and 1 in the US with products sold in over 50 countries around the world. For more information visit www.abatement.com.

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