How to Measure and Mark Moisture Points

In this short quick tip video sponsored by Encircle, Certified Restorer Kris Rzesnoski talks about the importance of moisture points, and walks you through how to measure and mark them out. If you’re looking for more quick tips you can check out the full playlist here.  

Valorando el Corazón de tu Negocio: El Fundamento para El Éxito

Read this article in English ¿Te encuentras actualmente navegando una etapa desafiante en tu carrera? Tal vez estás luchando por mantener un flujo de ganancias estable o quizás estes sintiendo el peso de lo que parece ser una lucha interminable. Un problema común, compartido por muchos en nuestra industria es la constante lucha por construir y mantener un equipo dedicado y confiable. Aunque no entraremos en estrategias de como generar más ganancias o métodos de cobro en esta discusión, seguramente encontrarás ideas valiosas que valen la pena considerar.       Con el tiempo, un

Valuing the Heart of Your Business: The Bedrock for Success

Lea el artículo en Español Are you currently navigating a challenging phase in your career? Perhaps you’re wrestling with maintaining a stable cash flow or feeling the weight of what appears to be an enduring struggle. A common issue shared by many in our industry is the constant struggle to build and keep a dedicated, dependable team. While we won’t be delving into cash flow strategies or collection methods in this discussion, you’ll certainly find valuable insights worth considering.  As time unfolds, a discernible pattern becomes evident. Our industry doesn’t suffer from a shortage

How to Properly Take Air Readings

Could you be getting false readings? In this restoration quick tip, industry expert Kris Rzesnoski demonstrates how to properly take air readings to avoid bad psychrometrics.

How to Document Contents on a Water Job

  Welcome to the first video in the microcolumn, “Quick Tips with Kris” sponsored by Encircle. Whether or not your restoration business typically does contents, it’s important to document any item you’re moving so you don’t get caught paying for preexisting conditions. Stay tuned every month for a new Quick tip! Find more restoration resources & tips HERE

The 3 Phases of Documentation

When it comes to running a successful restoration business, taking unnecessary risks can lead to devastating consequences. In fact, it’s like playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette where one wrong move can be catastrophic for your bottom line. Like Russian Roulette, you have a 16.67% chance of catching a live bullet, ending your game of life. Interestingly enough, 10 & 10 (overhead and profit) gives you a 16.67% margin – which will also end your restoration game pretty quickly. And what’s even worse, many in the industry are taking another risk by not

A Melting Santa, a Rockstar, & Incredible Generosity

Welcome to Phil & Michelle’s Happy Hour – a podcast designed to make you smile, and hopefully learn a few things along the way. In this episode, we chat with The Restoration Lawyer himself, Mr. Ed Cross, Kris Rzesnoski of Encircle, and Craig Kersemeier from K-tech Kleening and Restoration. Each guest shares their insights on today’s restoration landscape, and shares some laughs of mistakes and lessons learned on their journey. Pour yourself a cocktail (or another cup of coffee), sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation.

The 5 Foundations of Building a Profitable Restoration Business: Part 2

In Part One, we covered the first two foundations of building a profitable restoration business: Technology Stacks and Technical Knowledge. In this article, we’ll tackle the remaining three: Estimating For Scope, Pricing For-Profits, Simplicity Through Consistency, and Making Your Business Feel Like Home. These five foundations are key to the success and growth of your restoration company. If you’re tired of money worries, toxic culture, and the thought of closing your doors, it’s time to focus on these five. Estimating for Scope, Pricing for Profits: The Key to Maximizing Your Bottom Line This third

The 5 Foundations To Building A Profitable Restoration Business

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you can’t seem to accomplish more in a day? You know everyone has the same 24 hours to work with but you swear someone has stolen at least six of yours. This leaves you wondering how your week got so disorganized and nothing you set out to do, got done. How are you supposed to grow your business when you don’t have any time to work on it? Then you head into the weekend either looking to get in a little family time or possibly catch up

Storm Response Workshop

Southern Florida ranks among the best places to snowbird in the winter seasons. Contractors and insurance professionals looking for education and networking opportunities will be glad to hear they can get both of these items and some much-needed sunny weather. The DYOJO and the Global Restoration Watchdog, Pete Consigli, are teaming up to provide a one-day workshop titled Lessons Learned from Storm Response and Hurricane Recovery. This will be a gathering of some of the best minds and practitioners addressing the unique nature of disaster recovery. Professionals from property restoration, insurance claims, damage assessment,