7 Ways to Stabilize a Water Job | The Roving Restorer

For many restorers the “when” a job needs stabilization can be a daunting and difficult decision to make, but it shouldn’t be a difficult decision to make because the IICRC/S500 provides the restorer many instances that stabilization is required.

We break this down and cover seven conditions and circumstances where stabilization is justified and in most cases required. Don’t feel like you are making a mistake when you are trying to do the right thing. Restoration Simplified!

Thank you for watching my video of restoration simplified. I found it extremely hard to understand all these concepts coming into the industry and even today I have to work hard to really grasp what they mean.

My goal is to help you save time figuring it out and providing you with a place to go where you know the information is accurate and not too dry to watch. I sincerely love the feedback from you good, bad or indifferent so I can keep creating information. I

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Thanks again and see you on the next video! Kris “Rez” Rzesnoski

Kris Rzesnoski

Kris Rzesnoski, CR, WLS, is the vice president of business development at Encircle. Kris guides the technical development of Encircle’s solutions to ensure they exceed industry expectations. With over 15 of years of experience in the restoration industry, Kris is committed to driving Encircle’s delivery of intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that allow contractors to improve productivity and profitability. Kris sits on RIA’s Restoration Council, Canadian Education Committee and is the chairman of the Estimating Committee.

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