5 Questions With Josh Hobbs

Image removed.Josh Hobbs spent close to 30 years exposed to or actively working at Dalworth Restoration and its sister company, Dalworth Clean. He has literally “grown up in the family business,” accompanying his father on work sites as far back as he can remember. Hobbs began working full time at Dalworth Restoration in 1996 upon graduation from high school. After starting as a carpet cleaning and water mitigation technician at Dalworth, he eventually moved into project management and is currently an executive manager who oversees all sales and admin.

What Is the Biggest Trend Shaping the Future of Restoration Today?

Does our industry understand “value”? Health insurance has caused frustration, headaches, drama and confusion. We hear it being discussed daily on TV, social media, around the water cooler — and politicians campaign around it. So why is this such a huge topic of discussion? Why is there so much drama when discussing it? Believe it or not, restoration contractors are very similar to the health care industry, so it shouldn’t come to any surprise that we face the same frustrations, headaches and, yes, drama. It all comes down to value. Some restoration contractors provide great employee benefits, compensation, training, tools, equipment, etc., which, in return, results to better customer service and standards of care — while other contractors don’t. Just like some insurance carriers provide better insurance policies through the same means and others don’t. In the retail world, this distinction is made in pricing. Xactimate is the software of choice for pricing different trades through surveys, and some may argue that they are not high enough, but where is the price for value? There is none. Mrs. Jones has a pipe break, and whether she calls a great contractor or a bad contractor, the insurance will pay the same for both. So why does our industry have quite a few bad apples? It’s simple: Where is the motivation to be better?

What Do You Like Most About Being in the Restoration Industry?

I grew up in this industry, so my perspective is minimal, but I enjoy the unique challenges that we face daily. We serve people in their most difficult times, which is gratifying.

What Is One Piece of Professional Advice You Have for the Incoming Generation of Restorers?

Keep your emotions in check. In a lot of ways, we can be our worst enemy because we get wrapped up in our emotions. Trust me, they will not serve your interest. Also, do things that are uncomfortable — usually, that’s the only way you will grow.

Where Do You Find the Most Fulfillment in Your Professional Work?

Always seeking new ideas, perspectives and solutions to make things better. Seeing our employees and team members overcoming challenges, learning, growing and killing it!

What Resources, Other than RIA, Do You Turn to for Professional Growth, Industry Education and News?

We read quite a few books each year and have a business coach that holds us accountable, which can make things a bit uncomfortable but serves us well.

This article was shared in C&R with the permission of the Restoration Industry Association.

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