2022 Restoration Workforce Survey: OPEN NOW!

Hiring and recruiting is unquestionably the top pain point for restoration and cleaning companies today. It is the topic of many conversations on industry trends, highlighted in workshops and breakout sessions at conferences, and even more evident by the number of job openings companies are posting every single day.

While we have had many conversations on ways to get creative with hiring, the industry also struggles with attracting new people.

In an effort to get to the bottom of what makes the restoration industry a great place to work and create a career, and what needs improvement, KnowHow, in conjunction with some industry partners, has put together the 2022 Restoration Workforce Survey.

This survey is meant to be completed by employees who are not management level. All answers are strictly confidential. The data will be carefully compiled into a report on today’s restoration workforce, and provide clear answers on how companies can improve to be more attractive to candidates.

It takes less than 15 minutes to complete, and those who do complete it will be entered to win one of thousands of dollars in prizes.

In this episode of the Restoration Today podcast, KnowHow CEO Leighton Healey shares the inner workings of the survey, why and how it was created, and how to get involved.


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